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Dr Nabin Paudel has secured a position as postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland, Dublin Institute of Technology. His research focuses on the control of myopia using low concentration (0.01%) Atropine eye drops. His long-term goal is to understand mechanisms underlying the rapid growth of the eyeball in progressive myopia and the effect of Atropine eye drops on myopia control. In addition, he’s working on projects such as nutrition and glaucoma and analysing big data.

Before starting at CERI, DIT, Nabin was a teaching fellow in Nepal under the World Council of Optometry Teaching Fellowship where he lectured on paediatric optometry and visual electrophysiology to undergraduate optometry students. Immediately following his fellowship he worked as a consultant optometrist at a tertiary eye centre of Nepal where his practice focused on providing vision care to children.

Congratulations Nabin on your new role!