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Image: From left to right –  Dr Andrew Collins, Dr Nicola Anstice, Dr John Phillips, Dr Monica Acosta, Safal Khanal, Soheil Doustkouhi, Lucia Kim  

The 15th Scientific and 9th Educators’ Meeting in Optometry (SEMO) was held in Melbourne on 5-6 April. The event was co-hosted by Deakin University and the University of Melbourne and had representatives from every optometry school in Australasia including SOVS. Below is a list of our presenters and topics:

  • Dr John Phillips’ presentation was about how uncorrected presbyopia can be a potential risk factor for ischemic retinal diseases.
  • Dr Monica Acosta described student metrics that potentially reflect engagement in undergraduate research in Optometry.​
  • PhD candidate, Soheil Doustkouhi demonstrated how eye movements can be used as an objective tool for measuring visual field loss.
  • PhD candidate Safal Khanal from the Auckland Myopia Lab presented an electrophysiological study to describe a possible mechanism for atropine’s action to control myopia.
  • Undergraduate optometry student, Lucia Kim presented her summer project that investigated the effects of temperature on the thickness of the human choroid.

In addition, our three students each received a travel award:

  • Safal Khanal received a Heidelberg Engineering travel award
  • Lucia Kim received Optometry Victoria’s travel award
  • Soheil Doustkouhi received the Scientific and Educators’ Meeting in Optometry travel award

Congratulations Safal, Lucia, and Soheil!