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The inaugural Ophthalmic Instruments Company (OIC) & Roland Consult electrophysiology users’ meeting was held at the Eye Clinic, Greenlane Hospital, on 13 May. The event was attended by eye care professionals including ophthalmologists, optometrists and orthoptists, and vision scientists from around New Zealand. SOVS was well represented by Drs Jo Black, Tina Gao, Phil Turnbull, and PhD candidate Safal Khanal.

SOVS is one of seven sites in the country with a Roland device for ocular electrophysiology. With this device, clinicians and researchers are able to measure electrical activity in various tissues of the eye and beyond, which helps inform tissue health and identify abnormalities along the visual pathway, from the eye through to the brain.

At the meeting, Dr Black gave an overview of past and present electrophysiology studies conducted at the school. Also PhD candidate Safal Khanal presented a novel electrophysiology technique known as “global flash mfERG”, and how this technique is useful in understanding the mechanism by which atropine might act to control myopia (short-sight).

Image: Safal Khanal discussing how atropine may be inhibiting myopia progression.