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Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the seventh issue of the SOVS newsletter for 2018.  Having survived the first month as acting Head of School, I am much better informed about the great variety and quality of the School’s endeavours in teaching, research and administration and also about the various constraints that could limit our performance in these areas.

The presentations and specialty workshops included in the SOVS annual conference held on 29th July certainly displayed the significant expertise of School staff in a wide range of eye and vision related topics. It was also good to welcome our invited speakers Angelica Ly and Jack Phu from the Centre for Eye Health in Sydney: we all learnt a lot! Thank you to those taking part and also to those who were responsible for organising such a successful event. The feedback has been universally positive – even regarding the food!

We were also well-represented at the recent University Courses and Careers day – thank you to those students and staff who made presentations and also to those who spent the day answering questions from the large number of potential future optometry students.

New web pages detailing research within the School are almost ready, the clinical exempting exams for Final Year students are under way and publication of the new School Handbook for 2019 reminds us that we are rapidly approaching the final weeks of Semester 2. Again, thank you everyone for all your hard work in teaching, research, service and administration within the School.

All the best

Dr John Phillips
Acting Head of School, Optometry and Vision Science
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences