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In mid-September the school launched Vision Research (, a new online hub for everything related to clinical and vision science research taking place at the School of Optometry & Vision Science.

This site brings together an overview of the themes of research taking place within the school and how research impacts on real-world issues, along with information on specific projects underway and the key research staff and students involved in each.

Researchers will be updating lab pages on an ongoing basis with their publications and other outputs, collaborators, details of projects taking place and more; some lab sites are in place while others are in development. Staff photos link to the public-facing University Directory entries to facilitate contact and connection with interested parties outside the University. Anyone wishing to donate to support the important work taking place can do so through a ‘Donate’ link on the site. Details of funding opportunities for SOVS researchers will be added soon.

Requests or suggestions for further development, or notices of malfunction, should be directed to Naomi Twigden at