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Pictured from left: Professional Teaching Fellow Michele O’Hanlon and Part V students

During the year, all final-year BOptom students visit the Blind Foundation to perform Low Vision Enhancement examinations, increasing their knowledge, awareness and skills in this crucial area.

Under the guidance of the supervising optometrist and Blind Foundation Adaptive Daily Living Specialist, the students perform a Low Vision Enhancement examination for people with reduced vision and visual impairments.

The basics of Low Vision Enhancement involves task lighting, reducing glare, enhancing contrast, increasing objects sizes and moving closer. From 5D diamond painting to 3D card making, the students often need to think outside the box to apply low vision theories to the variety of tasks that people with visual impairments and reduced vision want to achieve.

Smiles, laughter and often hugs of joy greet the students when people with reduced vision realise they can still do their favourite task through the use of low vision aids or adaptive techniques.