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We were fortunate to have Professor Michael Kalloniatis, Director of the Centre for Eye Health at the University of New South Wales and former Head of (the then) Department of Optometry and Vision Science, visiting to deliver two lectures in January 2019. Professor Kalloniatis’ expertise is in retinal neurobiology and visual psychophysics as it applies to clinical testing. He also has a keen interest in glaucoma and retinal disease diagnosis.

In Professor Michael Kalloniatis’ first lecture and workshop “Interpreting visual fields and optical coherence tomography in clinical practice”, he combined an introductory lecture with practical case review exercises delivered in a small group format, allowing attendees to discuss various cases given clinical results with an emphasis on the analysis of visual fields and OCT.

Professor Kalloniatis’ second lecture “Optimizing models to predict function from structural data” focused on understanding the underlying structure-function relationships critical for the efficient and effective early detection of eye diseases and identification of progression. He presented protocols to model loss with age using clustering algorithms that places ganglion cell density profiles within unique statistically separable spatial location maps.