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Recent publications by SOVS staff include:

  1. Aniseikonia and Anisometropia: Implications for Suppression and Amblyopia

Clinical and Experimental Optometry

Jayshree South, Tina Gao, Andrew Collins, Jason Turuwhenua, Kenneth Robertson, Joanna Black

A review discussing currently known causes and effects of optical aniseikonia associated with anisometropia, clinical measurement techniques, and treatment of optical aniseikonia. We also discuss the potential benefits of aniseikonia correction in patients with anisometropic amblyopia.

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2. The changing scope of Optometry in New Zealand: historical perspectives, current practice and research advances

Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Joanna Black, Robert Jacobs, John Phillips, Monica Acosta

A review discussing the extent to which engagement in research and new developments in clinical practice have contributed to the establishment and development of the primary vision care profession in New Zealand that is Optometry.

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