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Refurbishment of Teaching Lab to support optometric education

The School of Optometry and Vision Science recently upgraded the highly specialised Audio-Visual (AV) system in the school’s pre-clinical teaching suite, which is used extensively in the teaching of undergraduate students across all parts of the Bachelor of Optometry (BOptom).

The new AV system allows for the viewing, display and recording of ocular examinations conducted by students with both ceiling mounted and slit-lamp bio-microscope mounted high resolution cameras within the teaching suite, for class teaching, self-assessment and summative assessment purposes.

The ability to broadcast images from any particular examination station to video monitors placed around the four main areas of the teaching suite allows for more efficient demonstration of examination techniques and observation of both healthy and abnormal findings to the whole class.

The University of Auckland is committed to providing high quality optometric education for its students and this world-class AV system is a tangible example of this commitment.