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Photo: Testing the impact of resistance training on intraocular eye pressure

Would you like to contribute to vision science research in New Zealand? Throughout the year, researchers in the School of Optometry and Vision Science carry out projects investigating a wide range of topics.

Each study requires participants– sometimes with specific vision conditions, other times with normal (or corrected to normal) vision. We are currently looking for participants for a range of projects including:

  • Anyone aged 6-70 years old with strabismus (lazy eye/squint/eye turn) to help us test computer-based methods to measure eye alignment and how your brain uses information from your eyes
  • People over 55 with good eye health for a study investigating the effect of resistance training on eye health
  • People with normal (or corrected to normal) vision interested in a project looking at size illusions
  • People aged 7-60 who wore glasses and an eye patch as a child, with a different prescription between two eyes, for research into amblyopia
  • People with good vision in both eyes with or without lenses to experience 3D technology and eye tracking

A full list of research projects seeking participants can be found on the “Participate in research” section of the SOVS website at any time. Please click on any of the projects listed for full details of the project, eligibility criteria, and how to get involved.