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Recent publications by SoVS staff include:

  1. Individual differences in visual salience vary along semantic dimensions.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA

Benjamin de Haas, Alexios L Iakovidis, D. Samuel Schwarzkopf & Karl R Gegenfurtner 

Here we showed that people vary considerably in where they direct their gaze when looking at real-world scenes. For instance, while some people tend to focus on faces while others look preferentially at food and such differences in gaze behaviour may relate to differences in visual function, like the ability to recognise faces.

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  1. Population receptive field estimate for motion-defined stimuli.

NeuroImage In press.

Anna E Hughes, John A Greenwood, Nonie J Finlayson, & D. Samuel Schwarzkopf

Here we wanted to map parts of the brain particularly involved in processing visual motion. However, it turns out that instead of being specific to moving images, the responses in these areas more generally signalled the difference between different images. This means experiments like this must be interpreted with caution.

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