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Photo: From Left to right, Dr Ehsan Vaghefi, Dr David Squirrel, Dr Diana Slew (Director), Eric Yang, Carrie Burgess, Neelam Hari, Lie Xie

A-Eye presentation at Healthtech Week

Dr Ehsan Vaghefi from SOVS and Dr David Squirrel from Milford Eye Clinic set up Toku Eyes to research an affordable way of tackling vision threatening disease in poorer communities within New Zealand. Toku Eyes presented their artificial intelligence product, “A-Eye” at Healthtech Week 2019.

This presentation was pitched at potential investors and industry influencers. The presentation won the “audience choice” award, which includes a funded trip to a conference of the winner’s choice to further investigate the commercialization possibilities of A-Eye.

Well done to Ehsan, David and their team of SOVS researchers Carrie Burgess, Neelam Hari, Eric Yang, and Li Xie.