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Registrations for the 16th Scientific and 10th Educators’ Meeting in Optometry are open!

The keynote speakers will be Professor Colin Green and Professor Alison Jones of the University of Auckland. Professor Colin Green will describe the development of novel treatments for inflammasome (a fundamental pathway in chronic disease) and Professor Alison Jones, whose work is in the area of sociology of education, will explore the complexities of Māori-Pakeha educational relationships.

Breakout sessions are:

  • Cultural competency in optometry programmes
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Eye tracking (e.g., to measure mis-alignment of the eyes and to support optokinetic testing of spatial and colour vision)
  • Hands-on experience for clinicians to experience AI assisted image triaging using fundus and OCT images

Full price tickets are NZ$350, HTF entry is $250, and graduate students may attend for $200.

Abstracts can be submitted to; please refer to the guidelines on the registration page of the SEMO website before submitting. Abstracts will be responded to in February.