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Photo: Andrew Collins

Dr Andrew Collins featured on TVNZ’s Fair Go programme on Tuesday 24 February where he debunked the mystery behind the question “Can a cheap pair of sunglasses do the same job as an expensive pair?”

Andrew talked about how the cornea can be sun-damaged, much as when sunburn occurs to the skin. People are sometimes unaware of the damage being caused to their eyes by not wearing protection and when pursuing such activities as skiing, sailing or even playing cricket.

Andrew tested a range of both cheap and expensive sunglasses on an opti-scan machine, with glasses priced from $10 to $400 performing equally well, highlighting that price is not an indication of the level of protection from ultraviolet light provided by a pair of sunglasses. Regardless of price, the most important thing is to check that the glasses meet the New Zealand and Australian (or European) standards.

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