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Photo: Using AI to assist with clinical diagnosis

More than 60 abstracts on a variety of topics in education and science streams have been received for the Scientific and Educators’ Meeting in Optometry (SEMO 2020).

The conference promises to have something of interest for everyone. A wide range of topics in both science and education areas has been proposed and abstracts will be reviewed by the conference committee during February.

The conference will include a hands-on session focusing on AI and its usefulness in assisting clinicians identifying eye disease given past poor user interface design and lack of trust by clinicians and patients in AI. In this workshop we will present several series of fundus photos, from diabetic patients who have attended the National Diabetic Screening services. Participants will be grading these images with different levels of AI assistance, in order to gauge their understanding of:

  1. Benefits and shortcomings of AI
  2. Level of trust in AI
  3. Effectivity of different levels of AI assistance on clinician’s performance

Registrations ($350 full, $250 honorary teaching fellow, $200 students) remain open until 31 March.