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Photo: Muthana Noori

The Dean’s Medal is awarded annually to a graduate of the BOptom programme who has made an exceptional contribution to the academic development of the faculty throughout their time as a student. The 2019 Dean’s Medal was awarded to Muthana Noori for his engagement in research and with students within the school. As a student Muthana presented at an international conference and two faculty conferences, and took up roles as a student and class representative, and a teaching assistant.

When asked what the award meant to him, Muthana said it was of great significance and meaning.

“The Dean’s Medal was an absolute honour and I’m very humbled by it. It means a lot to have work outside of studying recognised and it shows that the school is very encouraging to have students be part of the ongoing development and success of the faculty.

“Since my first year at University, I have always loved representing students and advocating for them as a class rep. This continued as I started optometry where I was the class representative for three years. I was also the NZOSS educational representative last year, which allowed me to be part of supporting the newer students entering BOptom.

“The school gave me the opportunity to push further and develop my research skills where I conducted three summer studentships and I was awarded a research prize twice for the School of Optometry and Vision Science. I was also lucky to orally present my research at the Tokyo International Myopia Conference last year representing the University.

“From supporting the students as a teaching assistant, to representing the school and faculty in conferences, to contributing feedback in school and faculty meetings, I was always privileged to be part of that – and to have such work recognised with the Dean’s Medal is an honour I will always cherish.

“Thank you to all the supervisors, lecturers and teachers who made our journey through optometry a very special one!”