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Photo: Vaughan Park Retreat Centre 

Researchers and postgraduate students attended a two day retreat at the beautiful Vaughan Park Retreat Centre at the beginning of February. The group were also joined by new Senior Research Programme Coordinator Marvin Wu and Research Manager Debbie Waayer.

For doctoral student Ecem Altan, the retreat took place during her first week in the country. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet key staff, and to take the opportunity to learn about their area of expertise in a serene setting.

Researcher and Senior Lecturer Dr Monica Acosta was appreciative for the time to focus on writing and to be stimulated by “chalk talks” given by staff about significant projects they are working on. Marvin and Debbie were able to offer constructive feedback around how to develop her proposal for a Marsden grant which she was able to submit while at the retreat.

The writers’ retreat was a wonderful opportunity for staff and students to connect in a tranquil setting and have academic dialogue.