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During late 2020 and the beginning of 2021, staff movements have included:

  • Evellen Powell replacing Rowena Knight-Brown as GSC, with the significant responsibility of supporting Steven as Head of School, and supporting the school’s operations across the board
  • Jane Williams was appointed as the school’s first permanent GSA, replacing temporary GSA Taylor Sutherland in this key role supporting academic and research activities within the school and acting as the public face of the school at reception
  • Dr Rajneeta Saraf joined Dr Jacqui Ramke as a research fellow preparing to launch the pilot NZ National Eye Health Survey


There were also a number of new additions to the SOVS family outside the office:

  • Tina Gao had a healthy baby girl and they have named her Grace Olivia Yawen Sullings-Gao. Her Chinese name is 雅雯. The first character 雅 (Yǎ) means “elegant and graceful”. The second character 雯 (Wén) means “multicoloured clouds” and is a reference to her birthplace of Aotearoa.
  • Marvin Wu welcomed another son to their family in early November and they have named him Liam Naixuan Song-Wu(吴乃煊).
  • Phil Turnbull and Lucy Goodman welcomed their second son, Spencer Ellis Turnbull, in February 2021.