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The last few weeks have seen a few changes including:

* PhD candidate Jasmine Zoest announced the timely arrival of her second child, Isla Low Zoest, on the 3rd of November, just 8 minutes past her due date apparently! All are doing well at home.

* Alyssa Lie successfully defended her PhD in November in November. Alyssa’s supervisor Ehsan said “Alyssa successfully defended her PhD Thesis with flying colours. All examiners were extremely impressed with her work and presentation. The lead examiner mentioned that Alyssa’s thesis ‘gave her clues about several research questions that she has had for a while’. Alyssa is also nominated by her examiners for the Dean’s Best Thesis Doctoral award. I am very proud to see her amazing achievement. Congrats Alyssa!!!”

* Research Fellow Rajneeta Saraf, who had been working with Associate Professor Jacqueline Ramke on the National Eye Health Survey pilot this year, finished up on 8 December 2021.

* In November 2021 we welcomed teaching technician Linda Yuan Xia. Linda will be working with Adina part-time for the next year to support the optometry teaching lab.

* In December 2021 we welcomed Tracey Wright into the professional team as our new GSA.


The hard work and achievements of a number of SOVS staff were recognised with promotions at the end of 2021. Enormous congratulations go to: 

  • Ehsan Vaghefi: promoted to Associate Professor 
  • Ashley Gray: promoted within PTF scale
  • Bhavna Patel: promoted within PTF scale
  • Robert Ng: promoted within PTF scale
  • Zaria Bradley: promoted within PTF scale